the happy days ...

The amateurs of vintage cars remember … They go back up the time of the happy days of their childhood.

No luxury cars in their memory, no debauchery of money, but souvenirs in the shovel.

Souvenirs where the car was not pointed yet, but souvenirs of a time of freedom from care or even if everything was not pink, the automobile made dream.

Seattint behind, dad in the steering wheel, the dreams were simple, cars also, today by looking at these popular cars we imagine the stories that they convey, moments of life in family, holiday departures, visits to the family and the pride to show the last acquisition, the unforgettable ballads in weekend on the back banquette where no belt came to hinder our imagination, the landscapes disentangled, the evil in the heart also.

These souvenirs are bound for ever to the big names of the popular cars; Panhard, Dauphine, R8, 2 CV, 4CV, Peugeot 204, 404,Amy 6 then 8, without forgetting the DS which so much made dream.

Often, I wondered what gathered the amateurs of oldtimers? All so different and at once so close.

And if it was simply «The nostalgia …»





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